Saturday, December 27, 2008

Island Depression

I miss the big island. I've been back from the big island for almost a week. The temperature in Utah hasn't risen above freezing this whole week. I've caught a little bit of a cold. And most depressing i've shoveled snow at least six times.

In this post i've included some pictures of our very favorite beach. It is called Kua Bay and it is honestly one of the prettiest beaches i've ever played on. The waves were almost non-existent last week on the big island, but this beach always had enough wave to body surf or boogie board.

Body surfing is probably the activity that makes me smile more then any other. I love the sensation of warm ocean water totally surrounding my body. It feels like heaven is wrapping it's arms around me and for a moment the world slows.

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  1. Eric!!! Yeah-- we blog. I'm ready to go body surfing. Love ya